1. sewak alarak carton is included in the free shipping within the UAE.
  2. Sewak Al-Arak Carton of 12 boxes, each box contains 60 pieces, the total number of cartons is 720 fresh sticks.
  3. sewak alarak cartons at a wholesale price that is 60% discounted for a limited time and free shipping.
  4. sewak fresh, encapsulated toothpick, preserved from dust and pollution. The sewak alarak toothpick is the commandment of the Prophet Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and the Messenger used to use the Arak toothpick when performing ablution and before bedtime.


Product advantages:

  • natural miswak
  • new packaging
  • Free delivery to all UAE
  • price is 60% off
  • Dedicated to charitable distribution to mosques
  • For charitable distribution in Ramadan

Sewak brand

2 reviews for Wholesale sewak carton 12 boxes of 720 pcs

  1. حمدان المنصوري

    جزاكم الله خير السواك ممتاز واستفيد منه وانصح الجميع للتوزيع على المساجد صدقة نبويه طيبه

  2. ريم ام شما

    المساوج طيبه وسعرها ممتاز والله يكتب لي ولكم الاجر

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Wholesale sewak carton 12 boxe...


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